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Be a Handset Panel ExpertConcrete Forms available at Chicago Contractor's Supply  

A handset panel is the most economical, the most versatile, and the most efficient way of forming large or small projects! Here are just a few of the more noteworthy features:

1000 psf Rating

With nearly 20% more weld contact, SurePly side rails, end rails and crossmembers hold up better and need far less repair, than other major brands.

Full Crossmember

Handset Concrete FormingA larger crossmember provides 45% more plywood contact area compared to the 1-3/8” crossmember of other brands. More support reduces “pillowing” for a better finish.

Dado Slots

Four more dado slots along each side rail provides alternate tie and hardware locations – particularly valuable when stacking or “stepping” forms on footings.

Paint Options

Concrete ConstructionForms are available in 12 standard baked-on colors, which is ideal for company branding and/or identifying rental fleets. Custom colors are available on request.

Powder Coat

The smooth, extra tough baked-on SurePly form finish makes cleaning easier and provides more long-term protection than dip-tank painting, common with other brands.

Birch Plywood

All SurePly panels and fillers include 1/2″ Birch plywood. This hardwood species, 9-ply design and 220/220 overlay provides a sturdier and longer-lasting form face.

More Productivity

Two 2×8 panels are the equivalent contact area of a 4×8 sheet of plywood, yet they can be moved, placed, tied, poured and stripped 75% faster than job-built forms.

Form Renovation

Renovation options include plywood removal, shot-blasting and painting. These “like-new” frames are then refaced to your specification before going back into service.

Contact your CCS representative or visit one of our six locations for pricing and availability.


The size and diamond-shape of the Taper Dowel provides joint stability, load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement.

Diamond-Shaped dowel for slabs

The new Taper Dowel provides concrete joint stability, load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement. The plastic sleeve is nailed to lumber edge forms before concrete placement and the steel plate slides into the sleeve after forms are removed in preparation for the adjoining slab. The Taper Dowel simplifies dowel installation, eliminates slab edge drilling and reduces labor costs for all types of ground level concrete slabs, including floors, flatwork and pavement.

The diamond-shape Taper Dowel provides concrete joint stability, reliable load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement (CCS)

Taper ties for heavy concrete forming projects available at CCS

Garage Sale!

Used Concrete Forming and Construction Materials available at the CCS Bellwood’s Rental Yard Garage Sales! View and download a look at the list of equipment and supplies available, then call (708) 722-2919 or stop by 840 S. 25th Ave, Bellwood, IL 60104. Rental Yard is located in the back of the building off of Madison St

It’s All Gotta Go!

Forming Efficiency on Sale!

Make your forming operations a bit more efficient and cost-effective by adding some of this surplus material.

Available items include:

Click on the link below for more details and pricing:

Surplus material available on a “first-come, first-served” and “as is” basis for pick-up in Bellwood, IL. All sales final, no returns or refunds.

Don’t Let Forming Taper Off!

Get the Taper Tie Size you Need

High-capacity Taper Ties spread out the tie spacing, reducing the number of ties… saving you time and money!

Make sure you realize all the benefits of gangforming with Taper Ties. You may need different sizes as wall dimensions change, but those costs are more than offset by the increase in forming productivity.

An assembly consists of the Taper Tie, two Flat Washers and two Wing Nuts. The safe working load of the Taper Tie can be matched to the forming system for the optimum tie configuration.

Click here for the Taper Ties data sheet.

Contact your CCS representative or visit one of our six locations for pricing and availability.

Big Project? We Can Help!

UIUC Hydro Lab and Smart Bridge

“A groundbreaking ceremony held on Saturday, March 30, 2019, marked the beginning of construction for a new building addition to the Hydrosystems Laboratory, of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). The laboratory will be expanded and modernized over the next two years in a $12 million project.

“The addition will contain more than 51,000 square feet , an increase of 125%, for classrooms, laboratory, collaboration space and offices. The project also includes a “Smart Bridge,” a suspension bridge connecting the Hydrosystems Laboratory addition to the Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory across the street.” (Story and image credit to University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign website.)

Steve Elger, General Superintendent, and Wes Diefendorf, Forming Superintendent, with Williams Brothers, needed to develop a scheme that would accomplish building two cores and four buttresses for the Smart Bridge. The project was complicated by the close proximity of the sheet piling for the excavation and portions of the core being adjacent to the existing building.

In all, over 5,000 square feet of formwork, 22 rollback frames and 7 swing platforms were supplied by the CCS Form Rental yard.

The Form Rental brochure highlights all the options.

Contact your CCS representative or one of our six locations for form rental options.

Don’t Settle for a Tie…

Go for the Win!

CCS has all the form tie styles, sizes, capacities and options you need for your next concrete forming project.

  • HD Loop Ties
  • HD Loop Ties w/Cones
  • X-Flat Ties
  • Snap Ties – Long End
  • Snap Ties – Short End
  • Snap Ties – Odd End
  • Aluminum Form Ties
  • Residential Form Ties
  • Base Ties
  • HD Gang Loop Ties
  • Combination Ties
  • Self-Centering Ties
  • Coil Ties
  • 15mm EuroTies
  • She-Bolts
  • Taper Ties

And don’t forget the hardware!

We have Jahn-style Clamps, Wedge Bolts, Plate Washers, Coil Nuts and Euro Wing Nuts… all the things that hold the ties and forming system together.

Contact your CCS representative or visit one of our six locations for pricing and availability.

Concrete tanks and curved walls quickly take shape with the SureCurve™ RC forming system from SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accessories

Concrete tanks quickly take shape

Williams Brothers Construction successfully formed two 180-foot diameter, 18’ tall clarifier tanks for the city of Joliet, IL with the new SureCurve RC system from SureBuilt. CCS Account Manager, Mike Hammerstein, said “Each SureCurve panel has a series of turnbuckles that “flex” the form to the desired radius. Panels can then be joined and stacked to create large gangs for concrete tanks and curved walls.”

Like-new Panel for $50?!

Make the most of the forms you already own with a thorough renovation, including new 1/2″ plywood.

You can transform your worn-out panels and fillers forms into like-new condition for about half the cost of a factory shipment.

It’s a great way to get your forms back in shape. We’ll clean, repair, repaint and reface your panels and fillers. Your crews will be forming concrete again with “new” forms, in no time!

Here’s what you can expect. Renovation includes all the following operations:

– Remove plywood from frames
– Inspect and sort frames
– Straighten frames
– Shotblast frames
– Paint frames (red powder-coat)
– Install new birch plywood (or HDO)

And renovation can be performed on most handset systems, including the Ellis Pro-Form, EMI Elite, Symons Steel-Ply and SureBuilt SurePly brands.

Take a look at the pricing, then contact your CCS representative and get your old forms back in shape. What are you waiting for?!

Fly Around the Jobsite – CCS Forming Project at UIC Campus

Residential Housing Structure

University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC) campus

Fly around and get an aerial view of the construction site with the beautiful Chicago skyline in the background.

Project Location:
840 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60607.

Pepper Construction.

CCS made this project possible by supplying SureBuilt’s SureCore Self-Riser System, SureLoad Shoring, Symons Space-Lift, decking materials, and column forms.

Special thanks to Pawel Korus, Engineering Manager, for shooting this footage using a drone.