Don’t Settle for a Tie…

Go for the Win!

CCS has all the form tie styles, sizes, capacities and options you need for your next concrete forming project.

  • HD Loop Ties
  • HD Loop Ties w/Cones
  • X-Flat Ties
  • Snap Ties – Long End
  • Snap Ties – Short End
  • Snap Ties – Odd End
  • Aluminum Form Ties
  • Residential Form Ties
  • Base Ties
  • HD Gang Loop Ties
  • Combination Ties
  • Self-Centering Ties
  • Coil Ties
  • 15mm EuroTies
  • She-Bolts
  • Taper Ties

And don’t forget the hardware!

We have Jahn-style Clamps, Wedge Bolts, Plate Washers, Coil Nuts and Euro Wing Nuts… all the things that hold the ties and forming system together.

Contact your CCS representative or visit one of our six locations for pricing and availability.