Oh, Well.. That’s Just Grate…

Looking for a Safe Way Out?!

Do the building codes in your area require residential basements to have an escape window? If the answer is yes, then you should call CCS for the window wells, ladders and grates.

Window Wells allow access to the basement or below-grade space by acting as a barrier to the surrounding backfill. Each corrugated well is made with 18-gauge galvanized steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The top and bottom edges are rolled to eliminate sharp edges and support a person standing on the ladder or grate.

HD Egress Ladders are designed for emergency situations. The ladder can be used to escape from the basement or as an access option for emergency personnel. The hooked ends of the ladder hang over the rim, supporting the ladder inside the well. The HD Egress Ladders are available in 4’, 5’ and 6’ heights.

Grates keep people and objects from falling into the well. The grate is made of rolled steel angle, with welded steel safety bars, in a variety of color finishes. Optional mesh grates with smaller openings are also available to keep leaves and other debris out of the well.

Don’t Settle for a Tie…

Go for the Win!

CCS has all the form tie styles, sizes, capacities and options you need for your next concrete forming project.

  • HD Loop Ties
  • HD Loop Ties w/Cones
  • X-Flat Ties
  • Snap Ties – Long End
  • Snap Ties – Short End
  • Snap Ties – Odd End
  • Aluminum Form Ties
  • Residential Form Ties
  • Base Ties
  • HD Gang Loop Ties
  • Combination Ties
  • Self-Centering Ties
  • Coil Ties
  • 15mm EuroTies
  • She-Bolts
  • Taper Ties

And don’t forget the hardware!

We have Jahn-style Clamps, Wedge Bolts, Plate Washers, Coil Nuts and Euro Wing Nuts… all the things that hold the ties and forming system together.

Contact your CCS representative or visit one of our six locations for pricing and availability.

Don’t Let Joint Specs Scare You…

Be Prepared With These New Dowel Products!


Some architects and engineers are writing new specs for concrete slabs, especially industrial and warehouse slabs with lots of wheeled traffic. They’re looking for the best possible load transfer at the joints, including conformance to ACI 302.1R Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction and ACI 360 Design of Slabs-on-Ground.

The diamond-shaped Taper Dowel, available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ thickness, is a great labor-saving product for concrete joint specifications.

Each set includes a plastic sleeve, nails and dowel plate. The sleeves are spaced and nailed along the centerline of the edge form. After the concrete has been placed and the forms have been removed, the dowel plates are inserted into the sleeves in preparation for the adjoining slab.


The standard 12′ Basket Dowel, available in different heights and spacings, is placed as a single unit at every planned concrete joint.

The integrated plastic sleeves allow dowel movement, while the steel plates provide the load transfer along the length of the joint.

(Sleeve design is U.S. Patent Pending)

Theses products are recommended for joints up to 0.20” wide and are suitable for all types of concrete floors or pavements, providing load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition.

Click here for a Floor Dowel brochure, then contact a CCS representative for more information about Taper Dowels,

Dowel Baskets and other floor doweling products.

CCS opening Frankfort location

With a new place opening in Frankfort, Illinois, plus five other current locations, we’re ready to supply concrete forming products and services, whenever and wherever you need them.


Fiberglass Rebar now available from CCS

The new Fiberglass Rebar made by Owens Corning represents a compelling alternative to conventional steel reinforcement. The corrosion resistance, light weight, easy installation and tensile strength are just a few of the advantages. Fiberglass Rebar is intended for low-load bearing slab-on-ground applications with a projected service life of less than twenty-five years, such as driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and Continuous Reinforcement Concrete Paving (CRCP) for streets.


Diamond-Shaped dowel for slabs

The new Taper Dowel provides concrete joint stability, load transfer and smooth slab-to-slab transition, without restraining floor movement. The plastic sleeve is nailed to lumber edge forms before concrete placement and the steel plate slides into the sleeve after forms are removed in preparation for the adjoining slab. The Taper Dowel simplifies dowel installation, eliminates slab edge drilling and reduces labor costs for all types of ground level concrete slabs, including floors, flatwork and pavement.


New Form Rental brochure

We’ve created a brochure to highlight all the forming and shoring rental options we have available. We’re always willing to look at your plans and recommend the best system for your job. From handset panels, to shoring frames, to self-climbers, we can help your crew be more productive.


Concrete tanks quickly take shape

Williams Brothers Construction successfully formed two 180-foot diameter, 18’ tall clarifier tanks for the city of Joliet, IL with the new SureCurve RC system from SureBuilt. CCS Account Manager, Mike Hammerstein, said “Each SureCurve panel has a series of turnbuckles that “flex” the form to the desired radius. Panels can then be joined and stacked to create large gangs for concrete tanks and curved walls.”


Like-new Panel for $50?!

Make the most of the forms you already own with a thorough renovation, including new 1/2″ plywood.

You can transform your worn-out panels and fillers forms into like-new condition for about half the cost of a factory shipment.

It’s a great way to get your forms back in shape. We’ll clean, repair, repaint and reface your panels and fillers. Your crews will be forming concrete again with “new” forms, in no time!

Here’s what you can expect. Renovation includes all the following operations:

– Remove plywood from frames
– Inspect and sort frames
– Straighten frames
– Shotblast frames
– Paint frames (red powder-coat)
– Install new birch plywood (or HDO)

And renovation can be performed on most handset systems, including the Ellis Pro-Form, EMI Elite, Symons Steel-Ply and SureBuilt SurePly brands.

Take a look at the pricing, then contact your CCS representative and get your old forms back in shape. What are you waiting for?!


Fly Around the Jobsite – CCS Forming Project at UIC Campus

Residential Housing Structure

University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC) campus

Fly around and get an aerial view of the construction site with the beautiful Chicago skyline in the background.

Project Location:
840 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60607.

Pepper Construction.

CCS made this project possible by supplying SureBuilt’s SureCore Self-Riser System, SureLoad Shoring, Symons Space-Lift, decking materials, and column forms.

Special thanks to Pawel Korus, Engineering Manager, for shooting this footage using a drone.