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Be a Handset Panel ExpertConcrete Forms available at Chicago Contractor's Supply  

A handset panel is the most economical, the most versatile, and the most efficient way of forming large or small projects! Here are just a few of the more noteworthy features:

1000 psf Rating

With nearly 20% more weld contact, SurePly side rails, end rails and crossmembers hold up better and need far less repair, than other major brands.

Full Crossmember

Handset Concrete FormingA larger crossmember provides 45% more plywood contact area compared to the 1-3/8” crossmember of other brands. More support reduces “pillowing” for a better finish.

Dado Slots

Four more dado slots along each side rail provides alternate tie and hardware locations – particularly valuable when stacking or “stepping” forms on footings.

Paint Options

Concrete ConstructionForms are available in 12 standard baked-on colors, which is ideal for company branding and/or identifying rental fleets. Custom colors are available on request.

Powder Coat

The smooth, extra tough baked-on SurePly form finish makes cleaning easier and provides more long-term protection than dip-tank painting, common with other brands.

Birch Plywood

All SurePly panels and fillers include 1/2″ Birch plywood. This hardwood species, 9-ply design and 220/220 overlay provides a sturdier and longer-lasting form face.

More Productivity

Two 2×8 panels are the equivalent contact area of a 4×8 sheet of plywood, yet they can be moved, placed, tied, poured and stripped 75% faster than job-built forms.

Form Renovation

Renovation options include plywood removal, shot-blasting and painting. These “like-new” frames are then refaced to your specification before going back into service.

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