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We are cleaning our warehouse from old stock items! Those are the lower prices you can find in the industry! Hurry! Limited Quantity Available! First Come First Serve.

P/N Description Qty
Power Tools
BH2760VCB Bosch, Brute Breaker wCart 1
MX30EK Bosch, MultiX Oscillating Kit 4 Sold out!
RS428 Bosch, Reciprocating Saw 14A 1 Sold out!
11321EVS Bosch, SDS Max Demo Hammer 7
DH1020VC Bosch, SDS Max Demo Hammer Drill 1
RH850VC Bosch, SDS Max Rotary Drill 2
RH228VC Bosch, SDS+ Roto Hammer 1-1/8″ 19
11250VSRD Bosch, SDS+ 3/4″ Drill w Dust Collector 2
1013VSR Bosch, 1/2″ Drill w Keyed Chuck 3
11255VSR Bosch, 1″ Bulldog Drill w D-Handle 17
1364 Bosch, 12″ Cutoff Saw 1
1380SLIM Bosch, 4-1/2″ Grinder Slim 9
AG50-10 Bosch, 5″ Angle Grinder 10A 8
AG60-125 Bosch, 6″ Angle Grinder 1
CP4130 Chicago Pnuematic, Chipping Hammer 3″ Stroke 5
DC411KA Dewalt, Cutoff Saw 18V #DC411KA 1
DC233KL Dewalt, SDS Rotary Hammer 36V Kit #DC233KL 1
DC20WH Diamond, Rebar Cutter 3/4″ Hyd #DC20WH 1 Sold out!
ENERPAC15 Enerpac, Hyd Cylinder #WR15 1
ETF500 ETF, Coil Nailer #500 1
ETF110 ETF, Trimfast Nailer #110 1
NT65MA3 Hitachi, 2-1/2″ Angle Finish Nailer #NT65MA3 1
NT65GS Hitachi, 16g Cordless Nailer #NT65GS 2
NR90GC Hitachi, Cordless Nailer #NR90GC 1
C10RB Hitachi, Table Saw #C10RB 1
NR90GR Hitachi, Cordless Nailer #NR90GR 2
NT50AE2 Hitachi, Pinner Nailer #NT50AE2 7
CR13VBY Hitachi, Recip wAntivibe #CR13VBY 1
C7YAH Hitachi, 7-1/4″ Circular Saw #C7YAH 2
965148208 Husqvarna, 18″ Concrete Floor Saw #FS400LV 1
PC400 Kraft, Deck Hopper/Gun/Compressor 1
PC200 Kraft, Wall Hopper/Gun/Compressor 1
EK7651H Makita, Cutoff Saw 4-Stroke #EK7651H 1 Sold out!
XAG03M Makita, 4-1/2″ Grinder 18V Li-Ion #XAG03M 1
SBE710 Metabo, Impact Drill 710W 1
PSE1200 Metabo, Reciprocating Saw 1
KHED24 Metabo, SDS Rotary Hammer 1″ 720W 3
KHE3250 Metabo, SDS Rotary Hammer 1-1/4″ 800W 2
KHED28 Metabo, SDS Rotary Hammer 1-1/8″ 1010W 2
KHE56 Metabo, SDS Rotary Hammer 1-3/4″ 1300W 1
BHE20 Metabo, SDS Rotary Hammer 3/4″ 450W 2
BHE2243 Metabo, SDS Rotary Hammer 7/8″ 800W 3
W24230MVT Metabo, 9″ Angle Grinder 2400W 1
WE15150Q Metabo, 6″ Grinder 1
W24180MVT Metabo, 7″ Grinder 1
101158 MK Morse, 7″ Saw Devil #CSM7MB 2
MTX60HD Multiquip, Rammer 4-Cycle #MTX60HD 1
QP3TH Multiquip, Trash Pump 3″ #QP3TH 2
352VS Porter Cable, Belt Sander 3″x21″ #352VS 2
DW7763 DeWalt, 6-3/4″x40Tx20mm Metal Cutting 7
DW3218PT DeWalt, 10″x80Tx5/8″ Thin Kerf Woodworking 1
DW3232PT DeWalt, 12″x80Tx1″ Thin Kerf Woodworking 5
DW8500 DeWalt, 14″x20Sx1″ Diamond Metal Cutting 3
D0704DH Diablo, 7-1/4″x4Tx5/8″ Hardie 7
D0824CF Diablo, 8″x42Tx5/8″ Steel Demon 1
D1080X Diablo, 10″x80Tx5/8″ Ultra Finish 3
D1280X Diablo, 12″x80Tx1″ Fine Finish 3
CSM768TSC MK Morse, 7″x68Tx20mm Metal Devil/Thin Steel 3
CSM1466NSC MK Morse, 14″x66Tx1″ Metal Devil/Steel 3
PRF18538BW Tenyru, 7-1/4″x38Tx5/8″ Ferrous 5
AC25580DN Tenyru, 10″x80Tx5/8″ General-Purpose 2
VS0000 Vibra Strike I, Power Unit 4Cycle 1

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2. Contact your salesperson to place an order.
3. Special pricing is available only while supplies last.
4. Orders subject to applicable state and local taxes.
5. Material stored in Naperville, IL and sold in “as is” condition.
6. No returns after transactions are completed.
7. Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.